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Abstract 091610 Deja vu Letting Go Dark Matter and Gravity Waves Revealed Energy Matrix untitled 02-16-10 Homage to Georgia O'Keeffe Cold Day Lakeside Abstract Landscape Dreams of Christmas Past Mixed Emotions


Homage to Georgia O'Keeffe Picassoractal Reaching elegance Dark Matter Revealed Untitled 12-05-09 The Gloaming Untitled 4-06-10 Fantasy 101 untitled 01-12-10


The heart of the matter Struggles Abstract 051515 Fractal Forest Abstract 05171 Infinate Hope Abstractg 010311 Fluid 1 Abstract 112415 Untitled 010212


Sunrise Tinker Falls Lakeside Cold Day Lakeside Abstract Landscape In the woods again Texas Landscape 102310 Lady beetle Pond Overlook Floral Madness 1 Floral Fantasy 072817


Fractal Floral Study 10-27-09 Fire Flower Mixed Flowers Botanical Fantasy 122911 Floral Fantasy 072817 Garden Wall Lilly of Light Alien Flower Alien Flower 2 Flower Job 120111

Still Life

Abstract Still Life 012211 Floral Still Life Fantasy Still life on a Sunny Day in Daytona Beach Floral fantasy 121910 Floral Fun 1 Mixed Flowers Golden Still Life Floral Still Life 011213 Still Life Abstract 112013 Abstract Still Life 010713


Dark Matter Revealed Mystical Caves of Halyon Space Reflections Space Nebula 2 Virus Methane Mine 2112 archeological Station on ERIDANUS  Beta Crystal Ship and Probe LIFT OFF Shuttle on Orbit

Science Fiction

Mystical Caves of Halyon Alien Flower On Patrol Space Reflections Methane Mine 2112 Crystal Ship and Probe Encounter In The Inter-dimensional Void Supernova Mining Operation Deep Space


Landscape 022111 At Days  End Abstracted Impression 091310 Abstract 111510 Landscape 111610 Crazy River Landscape 111310 In the woods again Garden Wall Painted Desert 072710


reflection on a sunset Fire in the sky spider Sunset and Sail Boats Sunset03824 Sunset Geese and sunset Night Harbor Golden Fantasy Sunrise Over Ship


Taughannock Falls Autumn Abstract 102812 Autumn Scene 090810 Autumn Winds Autumn Expression Autumn Grove Spring Waterfall Lucifer's Fall Autumn Daze Autumn in the Woods


bleeding heart Forsythia at the Hacienda Violet Spring at the Hacienda The Promise of Spring Spring has sprung Spring Lake Striped Crocus Forsythia Overlooking the Lake Spring in the Woods II


egret reflections Blue on the Beach Fishing in the Reeds bRIGHT SPOT ON A CLOUDY DAY You Looking at Me Ibis in Flight Bird in the Bush Soaring on the wind Bird on Daytona Beach Autumn Hunt


Lakeside Mountain Ridges Abstract Hills and Mountains 121611 Mountain Top WIP Mountain Cabin River Landscape 082310 Mountaian Scene Misty Mountain Abstract Mountain View Mountain Matrix

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach Kind of Day Daytona Beach Collection 2011 Daytona beach Sailing at Daytona Bird on Daytona Beach Patterns in the Sand Daytona Beach 110911 Still life on a Sunny Day in Daytona Beach Surf Casting Tossed by The Surf Surfing USA II


Mist over Lake Conroe Texas Cold Day Lakeside Abstract Landscape Texas Landscape 102310 Autumn Along the River Foggy Autumnal Dream Lady beetle Prehistoric Dawn Orange and Yellow Vista In the woods WC On Cayuga Lake


Black and White Tree Sketch Texas Tree Study 1 Tree Stump Red Rock and Old Tree In the forest Landscape 121410 Dairy Farm in the Finger Lakes Tropical Dreams on a Cold December Morning In the Woods A tree in the Woods at the Hacienda


Fore Playing in the Surf Tossed by The Surf Downhill Racer Surfing USA II Surfs Up Knifing Through the Surf


Deja vu Letting Go Dark Matter and Gravity Waves Revealed Mixed Emotions Abstract 022512 A Abstracts Gold and Red 060512 Abstract 082312 Blue Abstraction I Am So Glad Floral Sketch 022614


Harvest Moon Abstract 091610 Dreams of Christmas Past Untitled 02-16-10-a The Gloaming Abstract 110210 Abstract 060310A Abstract 061410A Abstract 082710 abstract 060910


Abstract 022512 A Deja vu Abstract 060311 Letting Go Dark Matter and Gravity Waves Revealed Abstract 05171 Abstract 110411 Mixed Emotions Cold Day Lakeside Abstract Landscape Dark Matter Revealed


Energy Matrix Abstract 091610 Homage to Georgia O'Keeffe Abstract 040511 Abstract 110210 Gold and Shadows Abstract 090411 Black and White Fractal 080810B Black and White Fractal 080810 Buddhist Protest


Letting Go Deja vu Dark Matter and Gravity Waves Revealed Mixed Emotions Abstracts Gold and Red 060512 Abstract 082312 Abstract 060812A Uplifting Psychically Abstract 050112 Abstract 060213

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