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These words I write like drought shriveled leaves, crumble with time.

March 22nd, 2015

These words I write like drought shriveled leaves, crumble with time.

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A Phantom winds sweeps
drought ravaged lands.
The relentless furnace of the sun
Shade is no refuge,
no breeze flows ,
no evaporations cools.
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Dawn is the only sane time.
It's false coolness seems real enough.
Walking, is possible ;
not pleasant
possible for the dog .
Wilting; dragged along
I surrender.

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These words I write,
like drought shriveled
leaves, crumble with time.

A tree in the woods.

March 22nd, 2015

This weekend I found an old photograph of a tree with bright red leaves. It was a little dar but something about it caught me up in playing around with it.
Here it is after I finished playing with it. The first image is the complete image. The rest are details from this work.
What do you think?

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this last one has some texture added.
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I had too much to dream last night.

August 27th, 2011

I dreamed I was flying last night. The wind rushing over my bald pate creating wind tunnel like flows of majestic colored clouds. I flew over spring time fields of green and gold
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and autumn colored hills and valleys.
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I saw strange fractal patterns
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and fantastical flowers.
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The chaos of my currently reality tried to claim me
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But I flew on through cartoon like landscapes
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and abstract places
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i awoke in the nightmare of my current situation refreshed momentarily, knowing someday I will be happy again.

Dreaming of cold icy winds as I melt in the 21st consecutive 100 degree day.

July 20th, 2011

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icy winds sweep across my brow
frost on beard .
Sliding down a snowy slopes
moguls and powder , refresh .
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Serene images of snow dressed pines
deciduous trees outlined in white .
Air fresh with a bite.
infinite vistas
from top of the world.

Snow bunnies and stud muffins
prowl in the chalet.
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Twilight Approaches

July 5th, 2011

Twilight Approaches

Waves of memory wash over me .
Abstracts from my life.
tears ,
lost ideals of youth haunt me.

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Nostalgic visions flying past
warming heart and mind.
Barely remembered landscapes,
warped by time and faulty recollections.

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Embarrassment for never growing up
gives way to stubborn pride
for not selling out completely.

Wanting to be petulant.
I've paid my dues.
Let me be.
Let me do the bucket list.

I only have the moment
can't count on more, so let me
so let me rejoice in what was, what is and what will be
Out damned spot! Out I say!

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Urban Abstract

June 25th, 2011

Distracted! The sounds of the city
Abstracted from the natural.
Lives lived where outdoors means sky scrapers .
manicured parks are the wild.

The cages built by routine.
panic if its altered.
natures randomness paralyzes
and infuriates .
abstracted from nature
can we long survive.
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March 23rd, 2011

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Hunger linkers beneath every thought, addiction !
Dependence requires fulfillment.
One more commercial, create the motivation,
one more jingle!

I'm off to satisfy, to satiate, "there up ahead!

Stuffed and bloated
I stumble from my car straining with every effort,
puffing for air by the time I reach the door!
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Remorse, falling through the vortex!
I poisoned myself, and the planet and will again!
Hunger! addicted !

A space Oddity a new fable.

September 2nd, 2010

A space Oddity a new fable.

Some of you know that every once and a while i lose my mind and out pop these fables. I have also Have been told that it was confusing at first because people did not notice or follow the text between the images. So here is a brief explanation. The text Start the narrative which is completed by the title of the image following it. The narrative continues after each image or series of images.

As always I ask that you comment , even if its nasty and help me keep this going.

The night was

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the clouds boiling with seeming rage and threatening to take it out on the innocents below.

It was

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and I had just woken from a

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I began to meditate

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from the upset of the dream.
Calming images drifted through my head,

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As I got up from my meditations and headed to the shower I was hoping it would be a quite day while I was

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Part 2 soon if there is some demand for it.

An Art Fable

June 3rd, 2010

A while ago I started this little fable. People keep asking when the next installment was happening. This is it!

If you missed the previous parts here are links to them.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Please comment so this can be kept near the top so people will see it.

Part 5

The Ghost in the Machine and Phoenix were getting worried. It seemed like they had been on the alien ship for hours. The view out the window was an endless expanse of stars and gas clouds.
They heard a noise and an image formed on the screen. They saw
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and heard the words "prepare for transition" in their heads and they were
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As they watched, images, some quite strange, passed in front of them.

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Everything went black and silent. The ghost and Phoenix felt and heard nothing for a long time.

Ghost became aware of music and light slowly. He forced his eyes open and saw
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Phoenix was next to him and beginning to return to awareness.
"Look" exclaimed Ghost. "We are back in the Cafe Museum"
the song playing in background was

The End.

If you want more you will have to beg!